Local Yarn Shops

I went to a few local yarn shops today around the Durham/Chapel Hill area in North Carolina. While it was nice to see the obligatory Susan Bates hooks for sale and an occasional Crochet Interweave magazine, that was about it. There were however, tons of accessories and magazines for the knitter. I love to crochet and want to see my craft get just as much recognition as knitting. I have a feeling though that that will not come for a while. When speaking with some shop owners and employees, I found that there were interesting views as to why crochet did not seem as popular. The most common was that knitting is coming back into “vogue”. Now while crochet is on the upswing, it is not there yet. As far as articles of clothing, crochet seems to have a tighter and heavier stitch which makes the clothes heavier. While this may be fine for the fall and winter months, this is. not always welcome in the spring and summer. The yarn is beautiful, soft and enjoyable to pet, it is just out of my price range. Until I find something for me and that I want to make, not to mention spend $50 for the yarn alone. I will keep dreaming and stick with my basics.


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