Growing Garden

herbs-and-flowers-001As we all know, Spring is the season for growth. Growing a garden was one of the main reasons we wanted this house. There is plenty of room to grow the garden that my husband and I have wanted for many years. We wanted to include the children, so we decided to let them plant the herbs and flowers. We are using a little green house that we purchased from Home Depot, to allow the seeds to germinate. I got this amazing (well, we will see how amazing it truly is) idea to put in tooth picks and stickers to identify the plants. They have not all remained sticky but we have a general idea of what is where. Not all of the seeds have germinated as of yet. But we are hopeful and know that they do germinate at different times. We have planted, dill, basil, chives, sage and cilantro. For the flowers we decided on zinnia, sunflowers, impatiens, and gypsophila. We will be planting some radishes soon and the tomato and pepper plants will be arriving in May. I cannot wait to have the fresh vegetables and herbs from our own garden. YUM


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