Designing Ideas?

strawberry-lace-hat-003So I am sitting here on a rainy April day and am wondering, what can I do that is new and different in the world of crochet? Now, I am not a free form crocheter and am not looking to do anything that defies the laws of gravity. I am just wanting to come up with an original design. Do you ever have that moment when you can see what you want to do in your head? You have it all planned out, you know what it is supposed to look like, how long it is, what shape it is, and what materials you are going to use? I do too. But when it comes to actually doing it, what a whole different ball game. Now, I can read a pattern with the best of them. I am adept with using a wide variety of materials, even though I clearly have my favorites. To actually come up with my own original design is a whole different matter. Trial and error has been my friend (and enemy). It is the only way I can decide what will actually work in the real world versus what works in my head. I finally came up with a pattern for a hat. It looks the way I want it to look. It fits, ok, (I will adjust that later) and it is close to the vision in my head. WOOHOO. Now on to the matching scarf. Ah yes, please do not forget to write down the pattern you finally come up with. The trial and error thing. It only works when you are not sure of what you want, not when you have it.


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  1. Joie Guinn said,

    April 9, 2009 at 11:22 am

    I will be liking to have one of these head caps! $$$ How many monies is it?

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